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The chief functionaries of VERDS – Vinmathee Educational & Rural Development society are Dr. S. Irudayaraj M.A., D.Litt. the founder president and Dr. I. Santhiraj M.A., D.Litt. the founder secretary, the trained educationists and experienced development professionals.

Dr. Irudhyaraj M.A., D.Lit., Dr. Santhiraj M.A., D.Lit.,

Initially, they have started their social & educational service by establishing a Nursery, Primary school for English Medium in Manapparai, wherein, even the rural poor children can have the access of studying in an English medium school. At that time Dr. Irudayaraj was the correspondent and Dr. Santhiraj was working as a teacher. In due course, the Almighty has blessed them a mutually understandable couple.

Both of them took extradinary interest in the welfare of rural children, who were differently abled, without parents, unwanted and neglected by the society. They have witnessed the sufferings and hardships of rural poor people. Their witnessing trend has been the greatest influencing factor to involve in social service activities for the last 35 years. They were very much committed to the welfare of women & Children who were considered to be the most vulnerable sections in the society.

They have convinced like minded philanthropists and service minded people and established a voluntary and non profit organization called “Vinmathee Educational and Rural Development Society” in the year 1986 and registered the same.

Both of them have dedicated majority of their life empowering women and have drive and interest to help needy people in distress. Short term National and international trainings & exposures made them more matured in running the organization. Both of them are post graduates and having a good command over the world language.

The founders have visited foreign countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh and Singapore and acquired sufficient exposure which has helped them to do more activated service to the community. Dr. I. Santhiraj has participated in a world level international seminar at New Delhi organized by European Economic Commission and gained rich experience.

Their dedicated services to the community have greatly convinced many reputed public service professionals & Philanthropists to confer various awards and rewards and membership in reputed service agencies.

  In the year 1996, the open international university at Colombo, Sri Lanka has conferred. DOCTOR OF LITERATURE - (honoris causa) to both the Founder President and Secretary. It is to be very proudly to be mentioned that they are the first couple to receive this prestigious award and it was a memorable and unforgettable moments in their life.

Vice President and Board Member– ECLOF India (Geneva)

Syndicate member – Open international University Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Member in ACWW associated country women of the world – London.

Child Labour Eradication Committee – Trichy District.

District Rural Development Agency, Trichy.

District Alcohol Prohibition propaganda Committee

District Committee in Social defence of trafficking in Human beings.

Member in All India Radio, Trichy.