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Miss. Rajalakshmi
Kattupatti – Manapparai

In 1988

In 2011

I am a physically handicapped person. I have no father. We are four children living with my mother in a remote rural village. She was stuggling to rear all the four children. During my childhood, I was able to meet my life saviour Dr. Santhiraj the chief functionary of Vinmathee NGO. They showed their mercy on our family. My self, my younger brother and sister were admitted in the MESSIAH home for handicapped children in Vinmathee campus. I came into the home at the age of 7 and stayed upto 21 years.

 I studied up to X standard and then undergone one year beautician course and qualified myself as a beautician. The training gave me enormous courage and confidence that I can lead a better and dignified life in the society. I have started a beauty parlor in Manapparai. Vinmathee NGO extended all possible financial support at the initial stages. The nearest Nationalized bank also sanctioned a subsidy loan for my business.  Lot of customers supported my venture and today I am the proud owner of beauty parlor with an earning of around Rs. 20000/- in a month.

I have gained the physical strength through my business and I am riding a there wheeler motorcycle to my travel needs. Vinmathee NGO helped my mother financially to buy a milch cow and my mother is now able to lead her life and look after the family.

All these miracles happened in my life only with the support of Vinmathee NGO and I am always grateful to them for their Good Samaritan help!
Mrs. Muthulakshmi
Kattupatti – Manapparai

I am a destitute widow hailing from a rural area near Manapparai. When I lost my husband I was having a girl baby aged 2 years. I came to my parents with my girl child and start living with them. Vinmathee society helped in my village to form a SHG Group. I stayed with my girl child in Swadhar shelter home for destitute widows for a short while.

 I was given good counseling during my stay. After returning to my parent home, I joined in the SHG group. I have undergone short term training in phenol making under training by VERDS. I was living and rearing my child with the meager income. During this period both my parents passed away.

 In their situation Dr. I. Santhiraj called me and consoled me. Due to my illiteracy and ignorance, I refused the job offered to me. But respected madam convinced me so much that I should take up some income oriented venture. She financially assisted me in taking up phenol making business.

Now I am able to rear my girl child and impart her with good education up to postgraduate level. I am always indebted to our respected madam of Vinmathee Society. 

Mrs. Anjammal
Muniappan Self Help Group

We have started a SHG in the year 2002 in karuppur with 15 women members. Till now we though womn must do only cooking in the house and do agricultural cooley work in the fields. Only after start time and actively involving in SHG and with the help of Vinmathee NGO we have learnt that women can do lot of progressive work in the family as well as in the community. We were able to acquire the skill of writing our names, able to know the outer world and acquired the skill of facing people in all situations.

The unity in our group is so strong that, after availing the loan facility from the bank we have used the amount in taking a cultivable land for lease and undertook paddy cultivation and reaped the benefits for all members. In another activity we have taken a coconut tree plantation for lease and all the members got benefited.

The SHG members were able to meet the funeral expenses of the deceased in any of the SHG family.

We met the District collector and successfully obtained a own building for our SHG. All these activities were able to be realized only with the active and continued support of the chief functionary and dedicated staff of Vinmathee NGO, who are doing yeoman services to the community.

We are always grateful to our beloved “AMMA” for her tireless leadership and guidance!

Mr. Ramugounder
Rajalipatti - Pudukkottai District

I am an agriculturist having 7 acres of uncultivable land. It is a rain fed area. I was able to cultivate dry crops during rainy season.

I came into contact with Vinmathee NGO the helped me to grow Jetropha a dry land crop and offered saplings. Very seriously, took enormous efforts in the Jetropha cultivation. Once the crop reached harvesting stage, Vinmathee NGO procured all the produce with a reasonable amount. Instead of keeping the land idle, Vinmathee society helped me to earn some livelihood through Jetropha cultivation.

I am very eagerly looking for the second phase of Jetropha cultivation. Through this scheme, I was able to learn the advanced agricultural techniques in raising crops like this.

I am very much indebted to Vinmathee Society for lifting me from the clutches of poverty!

Mr. Selvaraj
Nadakkapatty - Karur

I  am a born blind and 5th child in my family. All the four children were normal children. My parents are agricultural laborers. I have studied up to XIIstd in Madurai. I have undergone a Telephone Operator course for 6 months. After that undergone one year training in book binding and recanning of in chairs. I was able to meet Dr. Irudayaraj, the founder President of Vinmathee NGO and he should mercy on me and in 1993, I joined Vinmathee NGO. Seeing my plight, Dr. Santhiraj the founder secretary of  Vinmathee NGO gave me a job of Telephone Operator and I looked after all communication activities.

Only after joining Vinmathee NGO, I gained the courage and confidence in meeting officials at government level and also acquired the talents of meeting anybody in any situation.

At present I got a livelihood through Vinmathee NGO and leading a dignified life in the community. The talents and potentials so far gained has strengthened me to help 10 handicapped people I in obtaining ID card, 25 people have received educational scholarships and 10 differently abled people received free bus pass.

I am always grateful to Vinmathee NGO for their ever continued guidance and support.


In 1988

In 2011

I am a born blind person. My younger sister and brother also blind. In my early childhood all three of us joined in messiah were home for the handicapped. I was able to study up to X standard.

 I had undergone the small business training. At one stage, I left the home and started selling consumer products in Manapparai. After that I selected my life partner and settled as a family man. I became the beloved and affectionate late father of three children.

My life partner is helping me in the preparation of household products and I sell the same in Manapparai and suburbs and earning a reasonable income.

I have started an Association for the disabled in Manapparai and helped so many differently abled persons to obtain ID cards / Government pension for differently abled persons/subsidy loan from nationalized banks and still continuing the same good Samaritan activities.

All these unbelievable actions and activities happened in my life only with the continuous support from Vinmathee NGO!

Thavalaiveeranpatti - Manapparai

At the age of 12, I had an attack of Polio and both my legs got paralyzed I had a brother and my parents become very sad. After sometime when I visited my cousin house at sevalur, I came to know about Vinmathee NGO. In the year 1993, I came into messiah home for handicapped and at that time I was studying 7th standard. I stayed in the home and studied up to 8th std. Then Madam showed mercy on me and provided a Tri-cycle to go to school and I have completed up to Xstd. During my period of study, all the sons of Madam also encouraged me in my studies.

With the help of my well-wishers at the initial stage, I started studying D.C.E Diploma in Civil Engineering in a Polytechnic in Dindigul and successfully completed the same. Then I started working as site engineer in many private construction companies. Then I returned to my village and started a Xerox/lamination shop. Madam also financially assisted. In recent months, I have started a cell phone service shop with two computers and very proudly earning an amount Rs. 500/- per day!

Recently I have started differently abled men self help group in my village and helped 12 persons to receive their ID Cards, 27 persons to receive fee bus-pass and 6persons to receive subsidy bank loans. Vinmathee NGO helped me a loan of 11/2 lacs under micro lending scheme, which helped me to stabilize my business. Ultimately Vinmathee named walkness in my life through its timely help!!
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